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Yonglihao Machinery, a reliable CNC machining service provider, has specialized turning/milling equipment in its China facility to cater to a wide range of prototype part designs and customized machining services for small batch parts. From simple designs to complex designs with tight tolerances down to 0.004 inches. Hole lining and grinding processes are also available upon request. Suppose you are looking for a reliable, fast turnaround supplier of machined plastic and metal parts. Then Yonglihao Machinery is your reliable supplier of machined parts.

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What is CNC machining?

CNC machining is a process that uses computer control to shape metals. The process accurately cuts and shapes plastics too. It relies on a pre-designed model code for precise cutting and manufacturing. Allows the production of complex parts and reduces the probability of risk from human intervention. With the advantages of high precision, high repeatability and high efficiency, it is now widely used in modern manufacturing.

Custom Online CNC Machining Service

Principle of Machining

The principle of CNC machining realizes a highly automated precision manufacturing process by converting digital information into physical movement. The main process consists of: designing the model – writing the program – setting up the tool path – uploading the program – machining. Each step of the process is closely coordinated to perform accurate material cutting and molding.

CNC Milling Service

CNC machining tolerances

Maximum part sizeMilling parts up to 80 x 48 x 24 (2,032 x 1,219 x 610 mm). Turned parts up to 62 inches (1,575 mm) in length and 32 inches (813 mm) in diameter
General TolerancesTolerances for metals will remain at +/- 0.004 inches [+/- 0.005 mm]. Plastics and composites will have a tolerance of +/- 0.010 inches [0.127 mm].Surface roughness down to Ra0.8, verticality down to 0,001inch, parallelism down to 0.001inch, concentricity down to 0.001inch
Minimum Feature Size2 mm (0.08 in.). Varies depending on part geometry and material selected.
Minimum Diameter0.3 mm (0.01 in)

CNC Machining Materials


  • ABS
  • Acetal
  • CPVC
  • Plastic (POM)
  • High Density
  • Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Nylon
  • Polyetheretherketone
  • Polyethylene (PEI)
  • PET
  • Polycarbonate (PMMA)
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polypropylene
  • PPSU
  • PS
  • PSU
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene
  • Polyvinyl Chloride


CNC Machining Surface Finishes

The fastest solution for turnaround is to machine the parts. Machining produces tool marks, sharp edges, and burrs. By default, we remove them. If you need to keep sharp edges and burrs, please make a note in the 2D drawing. Surface finish equivalent to 125 in Ra. Suitable for metal and plastic processing.

Sandblasting + anodizing is often used for the surface treatment of machined aluminum parts. Anodizing is a process that finishes parts in various colors. The common colors include transparent, black, red, and gold. With sandblasting, a smooth, matte appearance can be achieved.

Metal parts can be treated using anodizing to create various colors. Commonly used colors are clear, black, red, and gold. Additionally, this treatment enhances the surface’s resistance to corrosion. This enhances the life of the part.

The conductive oxidation process generates a thin, corrosion-resistant oxide layer. This layer has a film thickness of about 0.01-0.15 microns. The layer is conductive but not wear-resistant. They are commonly used in electronic components and other conductive industry parts processing.

Black oxide is a type of coating that is applied to steel or stainless steel. It is used to improve the appearance and prevent corrosion. It is a common metal surface treatment. The process is used to make parts for different industries. These include automotive, mechanical, and decorative processing.

Brushing is a method that adds texture to metal parts. It enhances the metallic texture of the product. This method is commonly used in home furnishing and appliance industries.

The surface of a part is cleaned and smoothed to give it a matte, smooth appearance

We offer both high-gloss and matte paint spraying options. A high-pressure spray gun applies paint evenly in small droplets. Surface treatment is common. It is used in smart hardware, home appliances, and plastic parts.

Metal parts are coated with powder coating by electrostatic spraying. This creates a durable coating that resists abrasion and corrosion. The coating comes in high-gloss and matte color choices, similar to spray paint. Widely used in metal products, furniture, automotive parts and other industries.

Electroplating adds a nickel coat to metal parts, protecting against corrosion, oxidation, and wear. The coating starts at a thickness of 0.001. Primarily used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical devices.

Parts are machined with high precision to reduce surface roughness. The standard smooth surface roughness is Ra 1.6 μm (64 μin). The main purpose is to machine surfaces of precision machinery, optical instruments, and medical device parts.

Electrochemical polishing removes excess surface, making parts brighter and smoother. It removes approximately 0.0001″-0.0025″ of metal. Meets ASTM B912-02

It enhances the rust protection of 200 and 300 series steels. It also improves the corrosion resistance of precipitation hardening steels. Negligible thickness, approximately 0.0000001″. Conforms to ASTM A967, AMS-QQ-P-35, MIL-STD-171, ASTM A380, or AMS 2700.

How to Work With Us

Welcome to choose our parts machining services! We provide customised solutions to our customers in an efficient, professional and reliable manner. Below are the detailed steps for you to work with us:

Upload a CAD File
You can easily upload your CAD files through our website. This is the first step to start working together and make sure we understand your design and needs correctly
Confirm specifications
Our engineers will review your CAD files and confirm all specifications with you. Our attention to detail ensures that we understand and meet your every requirement
Receive an instant quote
After confirming the technical specifications, you will receive an immediate quote from us. Our quotes are transparent, detailing costs, production time and other associated expenses. This helps you to have a clear understanding of the economic aspects of your project.
Once you confirm and accept our quotation, we will start production immediately. We use advanced equipment and technology to provide high-quality manufacturing services quickly
Quality Control
We implement strict quality control throughout the production process. Our quality control team will carefully examine each part to make sure it meets your requirements and our standards.
We will deliver the finished product to you promptly after production and quality control. We will use the agreed delivery method. Our focus on on-time delivery ensures that your project moves forward as planned.

CNC Machining Benefits

CNC machining offers numerous benefits for prototyping and producing parts, including:

High precision control: Computerized control supports high precision part production effectively and efficiently.

Accurate Reproduction & High Efficiency: Computerized high-precision control guarantees consistent parts, enabling rapid production. The use of this technology saves time.

Flexibility: The background part model can be changed to enable multiple part machining styles. This allows for different styles on a single machine.

Complex Geometry Machining: Handling a wide range of complex geometries is advantageous. This includes curves, holes, slots, and other intricate contours. It is particularly helpful in manufacturing complex parts.

High degree of automation: Highly automated machining reduces human involvement and lowers the risk of human error.

High material utilization: CNC machining enables efficient cutting techniques, reducing material waste and maximizing material usage.

CNC machining applications

CNC machining is widely used in several industries. It is an important modern process in aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronics. Typical parts are:

Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions
Medical Industry Solutions
Industrial Machinery Industry Solutions
Automotive Industry Solutions-Customized parts production
Communications Industry Solutions
solutions for the aerospace industry-Customized parts production

Why choose us for customized CNC machining?

Advanced Technology and Equipment: Yonglihao Machinery has advanced CNC machining technology and equipment. They use it to provide accurate and efficient machining services. This includes state-of-the-art CNC machines, automation equipment, and real-time monitoring systems.

Experienced Team: Our team consists of experienced engineers and operators with diverse skills. They can handle a variety of complex machining needs. We can use the latest CNC programming techniques for precision manufacturing. This enables high-quality production of customized parts.

Customization Capability: Yonglihao Machinery prioritizes customer needs. They offer personalized customization services. These services involve tailoring parts to match customer designs. This includes parts of complex shapes and sizes.

Strict Quality Control: We carefully implement strict quality control processes for customized parts. These processes guarantee that each part meets the customer’s exact specifications. Multiple quality checks are conducted throughout the entire production process. These checks ensure consistent and high-quality products. We start with raw material procurement and continue until final delivery.

Just-in-Time Delivery: We can deliver on time thanks to our efficient processes. Our state-of-the-art equipment helps manufacturing. Our focus on on-time delivery ensures the smooth execution of customer projects.

Flexible Capacity: Our factories can produce customized products in small quantities. They can also handle large-scale production. This flexibility enables us to meet the needs of different customers.


The starting price ranges from $60, depending on product complexity/lead time and quantity. There may be some deviation, so for accurate CNC machining costs, contact Yonglihao Machinery’s engineers. Provide detailed project information and design files. Our team will consider all factors and provide detailed quotes within 1 day.

The maximum part sizes differ based on the chosen material. The biggest sizes are for machined aluminum parts (6061 and 7075), as well as milled parts up to 80 x 48 x 24 (2,032 x 1,219 x 610 mm). Turned parts are available in lengths up to 62 inches (1,575 mm) and diameters up to 32 inches (813 mm). If you need larger dimensions, you can contact our engineers online.

We guarantee that all the parts we supply conform to ISO 2768. Machined metal parts conform to ISO 2768-m (medium) or ISO 2768-f (fine). Machined plastic parts comply with ISO 2768-m (medium). Depending on the customer’s needs, we are also able to realize even more demanding CNC tolerances.

Deburring and edge breaking are standard procedures for CNC parts machining. The surface finish standards will strictly follow the set drawings. The drawings will have marks/symbols/specific values to represent the standards. This will ensure that the part meets the specifications.

The factors that impact CNC machining costs include production time, part complexity, machining accuracy requirements, surface treatment, coating, and materials.

The most effective way to reduce machining time is by designing parts that can be machined quickly.

Reducing complexity is possible by splitting complex parts. The parts can then be machined separately and assembled later.

Apply additional surface treatments only where necessary. This can increase manufacturing costs for your part.

When choosing materials for a job, opt for softer metals. Soft metals are easier to machine, which reduces material waste and saves costs.

We provide common metal/plastic parts machining parts customized production. If you don’t find the material you want, you can get professional help by contacting our engineers online.

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