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Join over 6,738 companies that trust Yonglihao Machinery and experience our efficient service. Our “24 Hours Quick Quote “service lets you get accurate quotes fast. This helps you make quick buying decisions, saving time and speeding up your project. No matter how complex your needs are, we can provide you with professional solutions in the fastest possible time.

Quote Checklist: Ensure You Have:

3D and 2D Files: If available, include both 3D CAD models and 2D drawings.

3D CAD File Types: Please export your 3D CAD files to STEP or IGS format. Unfortunately, STL files are not suitable for CNC machining as they do not contain correct geometric data.

2D Drawings: We strongly recommend providing PDF engineering drawings for each part. Make sure to specify critical dimensions, tolerances, and any threaded holes. Also, include material and surface finishing details if necessary.

Quantity: Specify the quantity for each part.

Material and Grade: Indicate the material type and grade required.

Surface Finish: Include surface finish details if necessary.

To effectively convey your project requirements, please list the quantity, materials, and surface finishes in the format below:

100x MP0211-001-00 – Stainless Steel 316 – As machined

5x MP0380-002-01 – Al6061 – Sand Blasted and Anodized Red

If you have multiple parts, creating a Bill of Materials (BOM) can simplify the process. You can then upload the BOM when requesting a quote.

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding your quote request!

Get Your Quick Quote in 24 Hours

Have your drawings ready? Email them to us at sales1@casting-stamping.com for an expedited quote.

Let us know your custom specifications, and we’ll make them a reality.

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