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Yonglihao Machinery’s CNC turning services use advanced CNC technology. Our services meet customers’ precision machining needs, from small parts to complex assemblies. Cater to a wide range of material customization. This includes metals, plastics, and engineering materials.

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cnc turning service

CNC turning is the process of machining metals/plastics by fixing the metal blanks on a rotating turntable and using a fixed cutting tool. It is ideal for the production of high precision/flexibility/efficiency and axisymmetric parts, and is a faster and less costly process for machining parts than milling. At Yonglihao Machinery, we offer machining of parts with tight tolerances down to ±0.05″. Whether you need to machine small batches or large quantities, we can provide cost-effective CNC turning services.

CNC Turning Services

Maximum part sizes for CNC turning

Our CNC turning services offer extensive design flexibility for a wide range of part size machining needs.. It includes tiny precision components as well as large complex structures. This ensures that different projects meet their dimensional requirements.

Part size limitationsMetric unitsImperial units
Maximum part diameter431 mm17 in
Maximum part length990 mm39 in
Maximum swing over the carriage350 mm13.7 in
Maximum spindle through-hole40 mm1.5 in
Maximum speed: 1700RPM, Motor power: 640W

CNC Turning Machining Tolerances

Through advanced CNC turning numerical control technology, tight tolerances can be achieved to ensure that the size and shape of each part meets design specifications.

Limits for nominal sizePlastics (ISO 2768- m)Metals (ISO 2768- f)
0.5mm* to 3mm±0.1mm±0.05mm
Over 3mm to 6mm±0.1mm±0.05mm
Over 6mm to 30mm±0.2mm±0.1mm
Over 30mm to 120mm±0.3mm±0.15mm
Over 120mm to 400mm±0.5mm±0.2mm
Over 400mm to 1000mm±0.8mm±0.3mm
Over 1000mm to 2000mm±1.2mm±0.5mm
Over 2000mm to 4000mm±2mm
*Please clearly indicate tolerances for nominal sizes below 0.5mm on your technical drawing.

CNC Turning material

Our CNC turning services cover a wide range of materials to meet the design and engineering needs of different projects. Whether you need cnc plastic turning services or metal turning services, we offer a wide selection of materials to ensure your parts have the strength, durability and performance they need.

Surface Finishes for CNC Turning

A wide range of finish options are available to improve the appearance, performance and durability of parts. Meet high quality deliveries

Various industrial applications

The flexibility, efficiency and precision of CNC turning have given it an important place in all areas of manufacturing, providing manufacturers with an advanced and reliable machining solution. It has a wide range of applications, covering a variety of fields. 

Aerospace Industry: CNC turning is used to manufacture aircraft engine parts, aircraft structural components and various aerospace accessories. It is the main machining method in the aerospace industry.

Automotive manufacturing: in the automotive industry, CNC turning is widely used in the production of engine parts, brake system components, steering system components.

Medical Device Manufacturing: CNC turning is used in the manufacture of medical devices and equipment, including artificial joints, surgical instruments, dental equipment and so on.

Electronics industry: in the manufacture of electronic parts and components, CNC turning also plays an important role. Used in the production of electronic equipment shells, connectors, heat sinks, etc..

Energy industry: in the oil and gas sector, CNC turning for the manufacture of detection equipment, pipeline connectors and other parts related to energy development.

Mold and tooling: CNC turning’s high precision and complex geometry processing capabilities are widely used in the manufacture of molds and tools for the production of plastic products, metal parts and so on.

Shipbuilding: CNC turning is used in the shipbuilding industry to manufacture hull structures, propellers, propulsion systems and so on.

Military Manufacturing: In the military industry, CNC turning is used in the manufacture of weapons systems, missile components, aircraft parts and so on.

General Manufacturing: CNC turning is also widely used in general manufacturing, including the production of a variety of metal and plastic parts to meet a variety of customized and mass production needs.

Advantages of CNC turning

CNC turning is a high-precision CNC machining process, through the computer control of cutting tools, to achieve accurate cutting of metal blanks, compared with manual control, effectively reducing the possibility of error. Ensure that the parts meet the design requirements. It is also suitable for the production of various parts without changing the machine structure. The machine can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of materials – metal, plastic, alloy, and other hard materials. It is the most widely used CNC machining process with the highest precision.

Types of CNC Turning Machine

CNC turning is suitable for different kinds of parts according to different structures and working methods of machine tools. Choosing the right type of CNC turning machine depends on the specific manufacturing requirements and part characteristics, Yonglihao Machinery will choose the right type of CNC turning according to the customer’s corresponding needs. The following are some common types of CNC turning:

This is the most basic type of CNC lathe with a 2D CNC system that moves in the X and Z axes. It is mainly used for machining flat parts.

The spindle of vertical CNC lathe is perpendicular to the table, with three-dimensional CNC system, moving in X, Y and Z axes, suitable for processing three-dimensional parts.

The table of this kind of CNC lathe is tilted, which makes it easier for parts to be discharged during the cutting process. Suitable for some special shape parts processing.

Multi-axis CNC lathes have multiple axes of control, for example, the ability to rotate the tool holder while the spindle rotates. This provides greater flexibility for parts with complex geometries

This type of CNC lathe has multiple workstations, allowing different machining operations to be performed on different workstations. This increases productivity and is particularly suitable for mass production

CNC lathe specially designed for threading, capable of cutting a variety of threads accurately

CNC turning centers integrate multi-axis control and automatic tool changer systems for efficient and accurate production and machining

Turning and milling CNC lathe integrates turning and milling functions, allowing multiple machining operations to be performed on the same machine. This provides greater machining flexibility

Turning and boring compound CNC lathe combines turning and boring functions, suitable for one-time completion of a variety of complex parts processing.

Why Choose Our CNC Turning Service?

Yonglihao Machinery is dedicated to manufacturing products that are customized. These products are made to meet the needs of a wide variety of projects. We guarantee precise and consistent quality control for simple or complex parts.

Customized Solutions

We design and manufacture components precisely according to customer needs. Whether it's a complex structure or special materials, we can meet your unique requirements.

Strict Quality Control

Strict quality control system, from raw material procurement to production and processing, each step is carefully monitored.

Fast Delivery Time

By optimizing the production process and flexible scheduling system, we are able to respond quickly to customer needs and ensure that orders are delivered in the shortest possible time.

Strict Tolerance Control

Advanced CNC technology and equipment accurately control the size and shape of each part to ensure a high degree of consistency and precision.

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