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Yonglihao Machinery offers customized die casting services that ensure high precision and tailor solutions for your specific needs. We can make complex metal parts with great accuracy. They meet the needs of industries like automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices. All parts are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016 certified, with fast turnaround times and a commitment to quality.

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What is Die Casting?

Die casting is a manufacturing process. In it, molten metal is injected into a mold at high pressure. This creates complex and precise metal parts. This method is efficient and low-cost. It makes many high-quality parts. Yonglihao Machinery offers two main types of die casting: hot chamber and cold chamber.

Cold chamber die casting Process

Cold chamber die casting

Cold chamber die casting is suitable for metals with higher melting points, such as aluminum and copper alloys. In this method, the molten metal is melted in a separate furnace and then manually scooped into the die casting chamber. This method is suitable for producing large, robust parts that require higher temperatures.

Materials Used in Die Casting

Die casting uses many metals. Each has unique properties to meet the needs of a specific use. The following metals are supported by Yonglihao Machinery.

Die Casting Services-Yonglihao Machinery
High strength and excellent impact resistance of zinc die-cast parts
Aluminium die-cast engine parts with good mechanical properties and light weight

Surface Finishes and Treatments

Yonglihao Machinery improves the performance and look of die-cast parts. They do this through many surface treatments and finishes. These treatments ensure that we make products that meet functional needs and have the looks our customers want. Below are some of the common options we offer:

Anodizing: we increase the corrosion resistance of aluminum parts by forming a protective oxide layer on their surface. This treatment also adds color to the metal, increasing its durability and aesthetics.

Powder Coating: We apply dry powder to the part’s surface. Then, we cure it at high temperatures. This creates a strong, even coating. It is more durable than traditional paint. Powder coating provides excellent resistance to corrosion, flaking, and fading.

Brushed Finish: By applying an abrasive brush to the metal surface, we can create a fine line texture. This treatment improves the metal’s look. It gives it a satin-like texture. It also hides fingerprints and small scratches. This makes it both beautiful and practical.

Electroplating: We deposit a thin layer of nickel or chromium on die-cast parts. This layer makes the surface harder and provides great corrosion resistance. It greatly extends the life and performance of the part.

Sandblasting: It blasts fine particles to make a matte finish. This removes imperfections and prepares the surface for more treatments.

Polishing: Friction brightens the metal. It improves its reflectivity. But, it doesn’t affect the part’s size.

Electrolytic Polishing: Removes minute surface burrs by electrochemical means, improving surface finish and corrosion resistance.

Chemical Oxidation: The process gives steel parts a thin coating of magnetic oxides. This coating lowers surface reflectivity and prevents minor corrosion.

Advantages of Custom Die Casting

High Precision and Accuracy: Custom die casting makes parts with tight tolerances. It also makes parts with complex designs. This ensures high precision and consistency. This is critical for parts that require precise dimensions and complex geometries.

Efficiency: Known for its high productivity, die casting is an efficient process for producing large quantities of parts quickly. This method also minimizes waste as excess material can be reused, making it more cost-effective.

Durability: Parts produced through die casting are robust and dimensionally stable. The process creates strong parts. The parts can handle many types of conditions and stresses.

Versatility: Custom die casting is used in many industries. These include automotive, aerospace, electronics, and medical devices. It also supports many materials and alloys. This allows for choosing the best solution for specific needs and performance.

Yonglihao Machinery’s custom die casting provides the best solution for producing high-quality, durable, and precise parts that meet specific industry needs.

Yonglihao Machinery's customised die casting service achieves high precision and complex geometries.

Applications of Die Casting

Yonglihao Machinery produces custom die castings. They are for a wide range of applications in many industries. The castings meet the need for high precision and durability in different sectors. No matter how complex your project needs are, we can provide you with the most suitable products and services. Here are some of the main application areas we currently work with:

Automotive industry: Our die castings are used to manufacture engine components and transmission parts. The high strength and precision of our die castings make them ideal for use in automotive engines and drivetrains, ensuring vehicle reliability and performance.

Aerospace: Our die castings are used in aircraft fittings and control components. We use lightweight and strong materials, like aluminum alloys. They let us make parts that meet aerospace’s tough requirements. These parts ensure aircraft are safe and efficient.

Electronics: Die castings are used in a wide range of electronic devices, including device housings and heat sinks. Our die casting technology lets us make parts with complex shapes and great heat dissipation. These qualities ensure that electronic equipment can work for a long time.

Medical devices: We provide high-precision die-cast parts for the medical industry. These parts include surgical instruments and implantable devices. We use biocompatible materials. Our products meet the strict requirements of medical applications. They ensure patient safety and therapy results.

Yonglihao Machinery's wide range of die-cast metal parts for automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical device applications
Complex design of die-cast metal parts for industries such as automotive and electronics
Die-cast metal parts for aerospace and medical applications meeting high precision and durability requirements

Why Choose Yonglihao Machinery?

Experience and Expertise

We have many years of experience in the die-casting industry with many successful project examples. Our team has experienced engineers and technicians. They ensure that every project is on time and meets high-quality standards.

Quality certifications

We have passed many international quality certifications such as ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949. This shows our high standards. We excel in quality management and process control. They ensure that we can give you reliable, high-quality products.

Material & Process Capabilities

We can handle a wide range of materials, including aluminum, zinc, and copper alloys. Our advanced processes can meet the needs of different applications. They provide the best solutions for small to large-scale production.


Hot chamber die casting is for low melting point metals like zinc, while cold chamber is for higher melting point metals like aluminum.

Common materials include aluminum, zinc, magnesium, and copper. They are chosen for their strength, rust resistance, and ability to conduct heat.

Custom die casting offers high precision. It is also durable, efficient, and versatile. This makes it ideal for producing complex parts for many industries.

Lead times vary based on complexity and volume but generally range from a few weeks to a few months. We strive to deliver parts quickly without compromising quality.

Options for post-processing include anodizing, powder coating, brushed finish, electroplating, machining, painting, and plating. These options enhance both appearance and performance.

Yes, die casting can be used for prototyping. This is especially true for detailed and accurate parts. But, it is cheaper for larger production runs.

We ensure quality with strict processes. We adhere to ISO 9001, AS 9100, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949 standards. We also do thorough inspections at various production stages.

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