Quality Assurance

Production of high quality parts supply

Yong Lihau Machinery is committed to providing high quality components and prototypes. Strict manufacturing standards are followed and approved raw material suppliers are used. State-of-the-art testing facilities are available. This commitment to quality is supported by ISO 9001:2015 certification. We prioritise clear and honest relationships with our customers. We provide our customers with detailed quality reports that include important data and metrics for each stage of production.

Advanced equipment to realise complex parts processing

Quality Control

The engineers at Yonglihao Machinery know how to make parts and they take production seriously to deliver high quality products.

Engineering Inspection
ISO 9001:2015 Certification
Our company has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This proves that we have a very efficient quality management system.
Strict Manufacturing Standards
We have strict manufacturing standards to ensure that every process meets high quality requirements
Scrutinised raw material suppliers
We choose raw material suppliers carefully and examine their products to make sure they meet our high quality standards
Complete Quality Reports
We offer reports that show important data and quality metrics during production
Strict quality system
To meet our customers' high quality expectations, we have a strict system that covers production to delivery.
State-of-the-art testing facilities
Our testing facilities are advanced and include precise measuring tools and inspection equipment.

Quality Assurance Process

Yonglihao Machinery makes sure to follow strict quality checks when making parts. This guarantees that the parts are of high standards and meet customer expectations.

Quality Reports

Sports EventDescriptionCharges
Visual InspectionWe inspect parts to ensure they look perfect, have a smooth surface, and meet requirements. We promptly identify and document any problems that might affect the quality and dependability of the part.Free
Dimensional InspectionWe use precise tools to measure parts and make sure they match the design drawings. Each critical dimension is carefully verified to ensure part accuracy and consistency.Free
Performance InspectionWe perform performance inspections to test the part’s functionality against design specifications. We simulate real-world conditions to make sure the part works well in different environments.Free
First Article ReportAt the beginning of production, we create a report that shows the results of the first batch of parts. Before mass production, the first part is fully verified for quality.Free
Material CertificationsOur Material Certifications clearly list the specifications and quality certificates for each raw material used. The materials used in the part can be traced back to their source. They also meet quality standards.Additional Charges
Comprehensive Quality ReportIn the end, we create a report that summarizes all the inspections, tests, and quality indicators. This report summarizes our quality assurance system, giving customers clear evidence of our quality.Additional Charges

React Quickly and Effectively to Quality Issues

Yonglihao Machinery is dedicated to making excellent prototypes and parts to meet customer needs. If your order does not meet your specifications, we will rework or refund your order. If you find any problems with the quality, contact our experts within one month of receiving the goods. If there is a problem with the goods, please tell us within five days. We will fix it within one to three days. We work quickly to find effective solutions so you can trust our products and services.

Rework Conditions

If your order does not meet your specifications, we will provide rework services. Below are the conditions for rework:

Specification non-conformance: The part does not meet your explicit specifications and design requirements.

Manufacturing Errors: Problems caused by errors in our manufacturing process.

Quality Defects: The part has an obvious quality problem or defect.

Refund conditions

We offer refunds if the rework does not meet your needs. Here are the conditions for refund:

Unrepairable problems: part of the problem cannot be solved by rework, or the customer is not satisfied with the result of rework.

Delivery delay: If the delivery is delayed due to our reasons, customers can choose to refund.

Other Reasons

Note: Please notify us within one month after receiving the goods and make a rework/refund request within five working days.

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