Communications Industry Solutions

We offer complete component manufacturing solutions for the communications industry. Our services range from fast prototyping to personalized production. To maintain a competitive edge in the communications sector.

Communications Industry Solutions

Prototyping and production solutions for the Communications Industry

Yonglihao Machinery provides comprehensive support through well-defined phases in its solutions for the communications industry, ensuring that customised communications equipment components meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


We work closely with customers. We create conceptual models quickly and accurately. We use advanced technologies and tools like CAD and 3D printing. This helps us validate design feasibility and check shape, size, and material suitability. Make sure the components' initial design meets communication industry specs.

  • Rapid Response to Requirements
  • Design verification of feasibility
Engineering validation and Testing(EVT)

Rigorously validate engineering, test structural strength, heat resistance, and vibration. Ensure components meet design requirements and industry performance standards. Subsequent design adjustments and optimisation are carried out by checking against test results.

  • Rigorous performance testing
  • Timely detection of problems
Design verification and testing(DVT)

Conduct various tests to ensure design meets communication industry standards. Perform tests like pneumatic performance, system integration, and safety tests.

  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Superior performance
Production Verification and Testing(PVT)

We create the exact same parts in small groups. This guarantees consistent production methods. Additionally, we test the parts in real situations for performance and durability.

  • Repeatable production process
  • Hands-on testing
Mass Production

We use efficient production lines and strict quality control systems. We make communications equipment components based on customer demand and orders. Make sure each part meets high quality and is delivered on time.

  • Efficient production lines
  • Strict quality control

Why choose our solutions for the Communications industry?

When you choose our solutions for the Communications industry, you are choosing an efficient, reliable, and standards-compliant partner.

Industry Expertise

We have accumulated a wealth of project experience through working with leading communications companies to provide our clients with specialised solutions.

Customised services

We offer flexible customisation services, enabling us to adapt our design and production processes to the specific needs of our customers. Whether it's design adjustments for special requirements or small series production.

Comprehensive solutions

Our services cover not only prototyping and production, but also engineering verification, design verification, production verification and other phases.

Quality Assurance

We implement a strict quality control system to ensure that every communication equipment component meets international communication industry standards.

Catering to all types of Communications companies

Materials & Surface Finishing for Communications

Yonglihao Machinery offers a diverse selection of materials for the telecommunications industry. Designed to meet the application of different environments. Combined with our advanced surface treatment process. Meet the demand for high quality appearance of parts.


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