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Yonglihao Machinery specializes in Wire EDM Machining Services. Our customers widely recognize us for our unmatched precision. Our services are vital to producing complex parts for industries such as aerospace, medical, and automotive. All parts are certified to high-quality standards. They are certified through ISO 9001 and AS9100. This ensures reliability and excellence on every customer project.

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Yonglihao Machinery's Wire EDM Machining Services

EDM Wire Cutting is a high-precision manufacturing process that uses electrically charged thin wires to cut conductive materials. Yonglihao Machinery uses this technology to provide superior accuracy and ensure top quality for complex parts.

EDM wire cutting works on the principle of electrical discharge. The process uses a continuously fed wire, usually brass or copper, held in tension and charged with an electric current. The wire sits between two guides. A rapid discharge occurs between the wire and the material as it nears the workpiece. This erodes the material in a controlled way.

The process begins by setting up the workpiece on the machine and programming the desired cutting path using CAD/CAM software. Metal wires are passed through pre-drilled holes in the workpiece. These discharges generate intense heat. It melts and vaporizes the material in the programmed path.

The entire operation takes place in a tank filled with a dielectric fluid, usually deionized water. This fluid cools the work area, flushes away erosion particles, and acts as an insulator to prevent unwanted discharges. This ensures a clean cut. It also reduces thermal distortion. These traits make wire EDM ideal for making complex parts with tight tolerances and great surface finishes.

Our wire EDM services are used in many industries. These include aerospace, medical, and automotive. These industries need precision and reliability. We strictly adhere to certifications like ISO 9001 and AS9100. They ensure that we meet high standards for our customers’ toughest applications and keep our commitment to quality.

How wire EDM works

Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a precise and complex process. It is used to make parts from conductive materials. This technology is essential for making fine and precise parts. They are vital to industries needing precision engineering, such as aerospace, medical, and automotive. The process is non-contact. It uses dielectric fluids. They ensure that even complex and delicate parts can be machined with little risk of damage.

 Types of Materials Used in Wire EDM

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) can process many conductive materials. It is a key tool in precision manufacturing. This is especially true in industries needing high precision and complex shapes.

Titanium: Known for its strength and corrosion resistance, it is ideal for aerospace and medical applications.

Stainless Steel: Commonly used in medical devices, automotive parts, and industrial equipment.

Aluminum: Widely used in the automotive and aerospace industries for its light weight and strength.

Cemented Carbide: Essential for cutting tools and wear-resistant parts due to its high hardness.

Advantages of Wire EDM Machining

Wire EDM machining is ideal for precision manufacturing. This is because of its high accuracy and ability to handle complex shapes. It is also good for hard materials and creates minimal stress.

High Precision and Accuracy: Wire EDM machining has very tight tolerances. They are often down to +/- 0.0001 inches. These tight tolerances ensure the high-quality parts that the aerospace, medical, and automotive industries need.

Ability to cut complex shapes: EDM wire can follow complex paths. It creates fine shapes and sharp corners. They are hard to make with traditional methods.

Suitable for hard materials: It can effectively cut hard materials such as hardened steel, titanium, and carbide. The machining process involves no physical contact. This stops tool wear and ensures steady performance.

Minimal mechanical stress on the workpiece: The process is non-contact. It minimizes stress. This stops fragile or thin workpieces from deforming or breaking. This stress-free cutting maintains material integrity and ensures accuracy.

Wire EDM Applications

We use Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) in many industries. It has high precision and can handle complex shapes.

Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, wire EDM is critical to the production of engine components and turbine blades. WEDM machines are very precise and accurate. They are ideal for making parts that must endure extreme conditions and meet tough standards. EDM machines make critical parts. They are used in aircraft engines and other aerospace systems.

Medical: Wire EDM technology is highly respected in the medical field. It is used to make surgical instruments and implants. The ability to machine complex shapes and fine details ensures the highest level of precision for medical tools and devices. Precision is essential for surgical instruments. They need exact dimensions and sharpness. Implants must fit perfectly into the body.

Automotive: In the automotive industry, EDM wire EDM machines are used to make injection molds and stamping dies. The tools are essential. They are used to make a wide range of car parts. These parts include body panels and complex components. EDM wire EDM machines are precise. They ensure that molds and dies are made to exact specs. This is critical for keeping the quality and consistency of mass-produced car parts.

Tools and Dies: Wire EDM plays an important role in the tool and die industry, especially in prototyping and mold making. The process allows accurate prototypes to be created, tested, and refined before full-scale production. In addition, wire EDM machines are used to create molds with intricate details and tight tolerances. These are critical for making a high-quality finished product.


With EDM tolerances as small as +/- 0.0001 inches, Yonglihao Machinery is ideally suited for the high precision needs of industries such as aerospace and medical.

We machine conductive materials such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and carbide. Our process can also efficiently machine brass, copper, and various alloys.

At Yonglihao Machinery, wire EDM is more accurate. It is also suitable for thicker materials and complex shapes. In contrast, laser cutting is faster but less accurate. It is suitable for thinner materials.

Our EDM wire EDM machining allows for contactless cutting. It ensures high accuracy and can handle complex shapes. It also reduces tool wear. This leads to less distortion and better performance.

We serve many industries. They include aerospace (engine components), medical (surgical instruments), automotive (molds), and tooling (prototyping).

Yes, we can process non-conductive materials. We do this by coating them with a conductive layer. This expands our machining capabilities.

Our fluids cool the work area and flush away erosion particles. They also insulate the discharge to control it. This ensures stable and precise machining.

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