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Yonglihao Machinery offers professional CNC milling services with over 50 professional machining options for engineering grade materials such as metals/plastics.14 finish options with tolerances down to ±0.01″. It is a type of CNC machining primarily for rapid prototyping and part production.

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Type of cnc milling machine services

This machining service uses milling tools to cut rough workpieces to produce finished parts and products.CNC milling systems typically have three linear degrees of freedom: X/Y/Z axes, which allow for precise cutting in the horizontal as well as the vertical plane, making them ideal for machining parts with complex geometries, such as curves, surfaces, and concave/convex machining planes. At Yonglihao Machinery, we offer 3-axis/4-axis/5-axis machining options for parts of varying complexity. It is a CNC machining service that is suitable for both high volume production and small volume customised machining. It is currently used as the primary means of machining in the manufacturing industry.

3 Axis CNC Milling Services

3 Axis CNC Milling

3 axis CNC milling uses three axes - X, Y, and Z - for simple flat surface machining and drilling. This process is efficient and cost-effective and is ideal for machining flat parts and basic contours.

4 Axis CNC Milling Services

4 Axis CNC Milling

4 axis CNC milling adds a rotary axis that allows the workpiece to be rotated during machining to machine more complex geometries. It is suitable for parts that need to be machined at multiple angles, such as spiraled parts and complex curved surfaces.

CNC Milling Service

5 Axis CNC Milling

5 axis CNC milling offers five degrees of freedom of movement, enabling precise machining of highly complex parts. It is particularly suited to critical components in aerospace, automotive, and medical devices, and is capable of machining multiple surfaces in a single clamping, greatly increasing productivity.

CNC milling tolerances

Extremely tight tolerances can be achieved through our precision CNC programming and state-of-the-art machine tool equipment, ensuring that every part meets design specifications.

DescripciónGeneral Tolerance
Distance dimensionsFor dimensional (length, width, height, diameter) and positional (location, concentricity, symmetry) features +/- 0.005″.
Orientation and ShapeSize 0-12″ +/- 0.005″ at 1/2 degree angle. For 24″ and larger, consult Yonglihao’s manufacturing standards.
Marginal conditionsBy default, sharp edges will be broken and deburred. Critical edges that must be kept sharp should be noted and specified on the print.

CNC milling material

Our CNC milling services support a wide range of different types of materials, ensuring that the machining needs of our diverse customers are met, which is our unique advantage in realizing high-quality CNC part deliveries!

Surface Finishes for CNC Milling

Yonglihao have many surface finishing options to meet different needs. These options enhance part appearance, texture, and performance. We use advanced CNC milling technology to create custom solutions. Our specialized surface treatments ensure perfection for our customers.

Various industrial applications

Our custom CNC milling services are suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications across a broad range of industries and sectors. Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, energy or other sectors, we can provide high quality CNC milling solutions.

Advantages of CNC Milling

CNC milling has several advantages that make it an efficient and accurate machining method commonly used in modern manufacturing. Here are some of the main advantages

High Precision: CNC milling can achieve highly accurate machining and meet the strict requirements of geometric dimensions and tolerances of parts.

High efficiency: CNC milling can achieve automation and high efficiency production through computer control.

Flexibility: CNC milling is suitable for the production of various shapes and sizes of parts, and can flexibly cut different types of materials to meet diversified manufacturing needs.

Multi-axis control: CNC milling machines have multi-axis control, which allows the tool to be moved in different directions at the same time to achieve more complex machining operations, such as five-axis milling.

Accurate Repeatability: CNC milling provides highly accurate repeatability, ensuring consistent quality from part to part in high-volume production.

Versatility: CNC milling is applicable to a wide range of different industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical devices and more.

Material savings: By optimising cutting paths and toolpaths, CNC milling minimises material waste and improves material utilisation.

Rapid change of machining tasks: Once a CNC programme has been written to suit different parts, it can be quickly switched between different production tasks, enabling rapid production changes.

Why Choose Our CNC Milling Services?

Yonglihao Machinery is dedicated to manufacturing products that are customized. These products are made to meet the needs of a wide variety of projects. We guarantee precise and consistent quality control for simple or complex parts.

Customized Solutions

We are committed to providing our customers with customized CNC milling solutions. We can customize our products from material selection to surface treatments.

Strict Quality Control

We enforce strict quality control processes to meet customer standards.Each part is checked to ensure it meets requirements and standards.

Fast Delivery Time

Our customers value project time. So, we provide fast CNC milling services. We promise to complete orders quickly. This ensures on-time delivery for our clients' projects.

Strict Tolerance Control

During the CNC milling process, we enforce strict tolerance control. This guarantees the accuracy of every part, down to ±0.01 millimeters. We meet high standards for part quality and consistency in various industries.

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