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Yonglihao Machinery’s Stamped Aluminum is a process that uses specialized stamping equipment and technology to process aluminum sheet or aluminum alloy plate into specific shapes of parts or assemblies through the stamping process. It is a cost-effective solution for the mass production of complex metal parts.

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Aluminum Stamping Services

Yonglihao Machinery provides a wide range of customized metal stamping services. We provide custom stamping for aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and other metals. Aluminium, as a highly malleable metal material, has been widely used. Our customers love the consistent and stable Stamped Aluminum Parts we provide. We specialize in manufacturing parts for aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

We can mass produce aluminum metal stamping quickly and accurately using our advanced equipment and design capabilities.

Industries where aluminum stampings is applicable

Aluminium is used in various industries because it is strong, light, and blocks electromagnetic waves. It also disperses heat well and can be customized easily. Aluminium is used in the automotive industry to make body shells, doors, and hoods. It has a great strength-to-weight ratio and helps improve fuel economy and performance. Yonglihao Machinery is a metal stamping service provider. We can also make custom aluminum stampings for different industries.

Aluminium Specifications

Aluminium is a shiny metal that can be easily bent and shaped, which is perfect for precise stamping. Here are common aluminum specifications and specific applications. If you need any customisation, our engineers will find the best alloy for you.

Aluminium 1100: A pure aluminium alloy with excellent machinability and moderate strength. This material is often used in places that need flexibility, like food packaging and cable jackets. It’s also used for decorative materials.

2024 Aluminium & 7075 Aluminium: This type of aluminium alloy is strong and resistant to fatigue. It is commonly used in aerospace to make important parts like wings and fuselages..

3003 Aluminium:This material resists corrosion and can be welded easily. It works well with different processing methods. This material is often used to make home appliances, car radiators, and coolers. It is also used to manufacture food processing appliances.

5052 Aluminium: 5052 Aluminium alloy is resistant to corrosion and can be easily formed using various processes. It is used in many industries like automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, and building decoration. For example, it is used for making car exteriors, ship hulls, and building decorations.

6061 Aluminium: 6061 aluminum alloy is strong and resists corrosion, making it great for high-strength needs. It is often used in aerospace, shipbuilding, and manufacturing bicycle and motorbike parts. It is also used in other fields, like aircraft parts, body structures, and bicycle frames.

6063 Aluminium: The 6063 Aluminium alloy is great for shaping complex profiles because it’s easy to work with and resistant to corrosion. Aluminum alloy is often used in construction and decoration, like door and window frames, pipes, and decorative materials.

Characteristics of aluminium stamping parts

Custom aluminum stamping parts are popular in many industries because they are light, strong, easy to work with, and resist corrosion. This makes aluminium an important material in modern manufacturing.

Lightweight and high strength: Stamped Aluminum Parts are great for lightweight, strong materials because they have a good strength-to-weight ratio.

Excellent machinability: This material is easy to machine and form. It has excellent plasticity and machinability, so it works well for stamping.

High corrosion resistance: Aluminium doesn’t easily rust and remains corrosion-resistant in wet or chemically harsh places.

Good thermal conductivity: Aluminium is great at conducting heat, so it’s the best material for radiators.

High recyclability: Aluminium is a material that can be recycled to reduce reliance on natural resources and meet environmental needs.

Variety of surface treatments: Aluminium can have its surface treated in different ways to meet appearance and performance needs.

Wide range of applications:Aluminium stampings are used in car manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, home appliances, and building decoration. They can meet the needs of various industries.

Highly customizable: We can make custom aluminium stamped parts to fit any design needs. You can choose the shape, size, and thickness.

Cost-effective: The process of making aluminum is cheap, especially in large quantities, which lowers the total cost.

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