Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions

We offer comprehensive Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions, whether you’re looking for prototyping, engineering validation, manufacturing, or support in improving the performance of your automation system, we’ve got you covered!

Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions

Prototyping and production solutions for the Robotics & Automation industry

Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions offers a complete range of services for the production phase of Robotics & Automation Industry Solutions to ensure efficient operation and superior performance of robotics and automation systems.


Design of medical device prototypes using highly specialized CAD and simulation technologies. This ensures that the design meets the rigorous standards of the medical industry.

  • Customer-oriented design
  • Specialized CAD and simulation technologies
Engineering validation and Testing(EVT)

Through a rigorous testing process, we verify the performance, stability and reliability of our products.

  • Multi-Context Simulation
  • Rigorous Test Process
Design verification and testing(DVT)

Tests the overall system of a medical device to ensure that the individual components, when integrated, perform to design specifications. We also perform certification testing.

  • System Synergy
  • Certification Testing
Production Verification and Testing(PVT)

The feasibility and efficiency of the production process is verified by producing and testing small batches.

  • Small batch production testing
  • Assurance of consistency and quality
Mass Production

Ensure that medical devices can be produced in volume and on time to meet customers' large-scale requirements with the help of advanced production processes and efficient production lines.

  • Advanced production processes
  • Flexible production lines

Why choose our solutions for the Robotics & Automation industry?

We are able to provide comprehensive Robotics & Automation solutions with strict quality standards and flexible production capabilities. We are committed to delivering high quality parts.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive solutions for the robotics and automation industry, covering the entire lifecycle from prototyping to mass production.

Technical Strength

Through technological innovation, we are able to meet the highly precise and high performance requirements of robotics and automation systems, providing excellent technical support.

Quality Standard

Our strict adherence to regulations and standards in the robotics and automation industry ensures that every stage of our products meets the highest quality standards.

Flexible Production

Flexible production strategies are utilized to meet the needs of our customers for both low volume and high volume production. Ensuring on-time and on-quantity deliveries.

Catering to all types of Robotics & Automation companies

Materials & Surface Finishing for Robotics & Automation

Yonglihao Machinery offers a range of high-performance, durable and industry-standard component materials to ensure the reliability and stability of robotic and automation systems. Advanced surface treatment technologies are also used to effectively improve the durability, corrosion resistance and appearance of parts, ensuring that they perform well in a variety of environments and operating conditions.

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