Automotive Industry Solutions

Through our comprehensive Automotive Industry Solutions, we are able to meet your diverse automotive parts needs, from prototyping to mass production, with customized high-quality, high-performance automotive parts.

Automotive Industry Solutions-Customized parts production

Prototyping and production solutions for the Automotive Industry

Our prototyping and production solutions for the automotive industry are designed to meet the diverse needs of the automotive industry, offering a comprehensive range of services from prototyping to mass production. High quality part delivery is also guaranteed.


Through design verification testing, we ensure that the prototype meets the design specifications and provide experimental data and suggested optimization solutions.

  • Rapid Response to Design Needs
  • Design Verification
Engineering validation and Testing(EVT)

Through rigorous testing, we ensure that the component exhibits excellent performance and stability in the automotive system.

  • System Performance Assurance
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
Design verification and testing(DVT)

Through comprehensive design verification and testing, we ensure that our components meet the automotive industry's stringent standards for safety, reliability and environmental protection.

  • Meeting Automotive Standards
  • Performance optimization
Production Verification and Testing(PVT)

Reduce potential production risks through small-scale production validation. Ensure component quality and performance prior to large-scale production.

  • Controlled production process
  • Hands-on testing
Mass Production

Realize mass production through efficient production lines and advanced manufacturing technologies to improve production efficiency. Ensure on-time delivery of high-quality automotive parts.

  • Efficient Production
  • Customized production planning

Why choose our solutions for the Automotive industry?

When you choose our solutions for the aerospace industry, you are choosing an efficient, reliable, and standards-compliant partner.

Comprehensive Solutions

An all-in-one automotive industry solution that covers the entire process from prototyping to mass production.

Technical Strength

Able to respond quickly to customer needs, provide high level technical support, and ensure the innovation and advancement of solutions.

Quality Standard

Comprehensive design verification ensures well-performing components. Testing happens in automotive systems.

Flexible Production

Ensure a controlled production process through small-scale production validation. Provide flexible production schedules to maintain control.

Catering to all types of Automotive companies

Materials & Surface Finishing forAutomotive

Yonglihao Machinery provides diversified and advanced component materials for the automotive industry to meet the needs of different components and provide quality solutions. We also provide various advanced surface treatment solutions. Our solutions guarantee high standards of appearance, corrosion and wear resistance. We also meet the requirements for appearance quality and surface performance.

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