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China Metal Parts Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping and on-demand production, global delivery in as fast as 7 days

Our manufacturing capabilities

As a professional Metal Parts Manufacturing manufacturer & supplier in China, Yonglihao Machinery has a very wide range of manufacturing capabilities to support one-off prototyping and small batch production. We pride ourselves on providing professional parts machining to our customers worldwide. 

Extensive experience in parts manufacturing

Companies Served
3000 +
Unique Parts Produced
200000 +
Countries Shipped
65 +
Years in Business
13 +

How to Work With Us

Welcome to choose our parts machining services! We provide customised solutions to our customers in an efficient, professional and reliable manner. Below are the detailed steps for you to work with us:

Upload a CAD File
You can easily upload your CAD files through our website. This is the first step to start working together and make sure we understand your design and needs correctly
Confirm specifications
Our engineers will review your CAD files and confirm all specifications with you. Our attention to detail ensures that we understand and meet your every requirement
Receive an instant quote
After confirming the technical specifications, you will receive an immediate quote from us. Our quotes are transparent, detailing costs, production time and other associated expenses. This helps you to have a clear understanding of the economic aspects of your project.
Once you confirm and accept our quotation, we will start production immediately. We use advanced equipment and technology to provide high-quality manufacturing services quickly
Quality Control
We implement strict quality control throughout the production process. Our quality control team will carefully examine each part to make sure it meets your requirements and our standards.
We will deliver the finished product to you promptly after production and quality control. We will use the agreed delivery method. Our focus on on-time delivery ensures that your project moves forward as planned.

Why Yonglihao Machinery

We promise to make your ideas real, fast and accurately, with our great manufacturing services. Yonglihao Machinery is a top manufacturing company in China. They specialize in making prototypes and end-use parts, both simple and complex.

Flexible mass production services

Reliable Parts Manufacturer

Efficient Production: Our advanced equipment and processes help us make quality products faster.

Adaptability: We can handle any type of project, big or small, with our expertise and technical skills.

Quality Assurance-Precision Parts Customisation Service

High quality delivery

Strict Tolerance Standards: We manufacture all of our products to strict tolerance standards, ensuring that every part is accurate and reliable.

High-Quality Standards: We are dedicated to making high-quality products. Before they are sold, we carefully check them for quality. This is to make sure our customers are happy.

Advanced equipment to realise complex parts processing

High quality parts delivery

Expertise: We have a lot of experience and knowledge in creating personalized solutions for our customers.

Fast Delivery: Our fast response time and efficient production process guarantee timely project completion.

Customer Trust: Many customers trust us because we are reliable and provide quality services.

From Prototyping to Production

Rapid prototyping

We focus on fast, high-quality prototyping. It helps clients validate concepts and designs early in projects. We use advanced technology and a skilled team to quickly make accurate prototypes.

Bridge Production

We help clients smoothly transition from prototype to final production, reducing time-to-market. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality parts and components.

On-demand production

We are dedicated to meeting our customers' diverse production needs. We offer on-demand production services for both low-volume and mass production.

Part Quality Ensured By Expertise Experience

Expert Technical Support

Throughout the manufacturing process, our experienced technical support team can assist you. Our experts collaborate with customers to create and produce high-quality parts. They help with material selection, design optimization, and technical difficulties.

Strict quality control

We use strict quality control to make sure each part meets the required standards. During manufacturing, we inspect and test everything from materials to the final product. We use high-tech equipment and technology to ensure our parts are always excellent.

Rework and Refund Policy

To make sure our customers are happy, we have a clear and fair policy for returns and refunds. We will fix any part that doesn't meet quality standards due to manufacturing issues. If rework does not resolve the issue, we will follow a

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