Medical Industry Solutions

Get one-stop customized services through our medical industry solutions, from design to production, to meet the medical device industry’s pursuit of high-quality, high-performance products.

Medical Industry Solutions

Prototyping and production solutions for the Medical industry

Yonglihao Machinery provides integrated solutions for the aerospace industry, from prototyping to mass production. We provide efficient and reliable aerospace component manufacturing solutions, ensuring that each component meets the highest quality standards and fulfills the complex requirements of airborne operations.


Carefully design prototypes of medical devices through specialized CAD and simulation technologies. Ensuring that the strict standards of the medical industry are met.

  • Customer-oriented design
  • High Accuracy
Engineering validation and Testing(EVT)

Conduct engineering validation and testing to simulate various situations that medical devices may encounter in actual use.

  • Comprehensive simulation testing
  • Rigorous Testing Process
Design verification and testing(DVT)

Tests the overall system of the medical device to work together and ensure that the individual components, when integrated, perform according to the design specifications.

  • Co-working Validation
  • Certification Compliance
Production Verification and Testing(PVT)

The feasibility and efficiency of the production process is verified by producing and testing small batches.

  • Feasibility and efficiency validation
  • Consistency and Quality Assurance
Mass Production

Meet customers' large-scale needs with advanced production processes and efficient production lines.

  • Advanced processes and efficient production lines
  • Total Quality Control

Why choose our solutions for the Medical industry?

With Medical Industry Solutions, we offer comprehensive solutions that meet strict quality standards.

Comprehensive Solutions

Providing comprehensive solutions for the healthcare industry, with one-stop access to multiple aspects of design, validation, production, and more.

Technical Strength

Through technological innovation, we are able to meet the highly precise and high-performance requirements of medical devices and provide excellent technical support to our customers.

Quality Standard

Strict adherence to medical industry regulations and standards ensures that every stage of the product meets the highest quality standards.

Flexible Production

Adopting a flexible production strategy, we are able to meet the needs of our customers for both low volume and high volume production. Ensuring on-time, on-quantity deliveries.

Catering to all types of Medical companies

Materials & Surface Finishing for Medical

Yonglihao Machinery offers a range of high performance and industry standard materials to ensure reliable/safe performance of the final medical product. And to ensure that medical device surfaces provide excellent performance and meet stringent hygiene standards, we utilise advanced surface treatment technologies to provide optimum product quality.

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